Mary Carroll

Mary Carroll is a 14 years old Gwich’in Athabascan from Gwichyaa Zhee formally known as Fort Yukon. Mary’s Parents are Kelly Fields and Anthony Carroll. Mary is the youngest of five siblings.

Mary Loves to draw in winter months in Alaska, since most activities are in doors, she plays for the Fort Yukon Eagles. summer months are spent at camps across Alaska, swimming in the Yukon River, Riding four-wheeler with friends, going to youth nights at the church. She loves to travel with her mom to meet and explore new people and places. her love for the land and animals is where she grew up and what she eats.

“I am here to learn more and survive off the land like my ancestors used to”


Mary’s goal as a Gwich’in Youth Council Member is to educate the community on the Gwich’in Way of Life

Mary plans to do a series of interviews from people in her community to learn about how they grew up, how its changed and how they feel the past has influenced the future. Mary hopes to learn from her community and bring the knowledge she gains to the public. She hopes to one day host an elder storytime on the radio as well as do interviews on what she has learned.