Scott Fabian

Scott Fabian is the son of Chrystal and Andy Fabian. His Family are the Neyharts, Jonas, and the Peters family from Fort Yukon. He is the grandson of Lisa Gwaltheney and Leo Pritchard.

He is a musician who was taught by Bill Stevens about the Gwich’in Athabaskan traditional music. He  loves to see other people smiling and having fun when he plays fiddle for different events and special occasions. Scott has been playing fiddle for about 13 years. He wants to spread the traditional music on to the young and the elderly people. 

“The protection of the Arctic Refuge is very important to the Gwich’in Nation of Alaska and Canada. The porcupine caribou herd has a major impact on our health and ways of life”


Scott hopes to ensure the future of Gwich’in culture by engaging the community and building more of an interest in traditional music. Scott hopes to partner with fellow Gwich’in Youth Council member Isaiah Horace to offer a wide array of traditional music to the Gwich’in Community. Scott eventually hopes to offer several multi-level fiddle, drum and dance classes for all ages to help revitalize the Gwich’in connection to traditional music and dance.