Gwich’in Steering Committee “Honorary Gwich’in Award” is presented to Julie Mahler

August 20, 2016

Julie has been sharing and living the traditional subsistence lifestyle for 30 years she lives about 30 miles outside Fort Yukon. She has raised and taught her children the subsistence way of life; trapping; hunting; fishing; dog sledding; hauling wood; packing water; berry picking; sewing clothes; storytelling; cutting moose meat; to make dry meat; discipline and teaching moral values.

Julie is a hard-worker who loves to share her traditional knowledge with the youth. She is known to be influential and inspirational to others. She has a beautiful laughter and kind words of wisdom.

Julie has helped at Camp Goozhiii on many occasions. She would rise early to have a hot breakfast ready for the students; teach throughout the day; prepare materials and assist in cooking for potlatches. Julie has a wealth of Gwich’in knowledge which she shares with the Yukon villages and with her own community. Julie helps coordinate camps outside of the village for the youth and bring the rich Gwich’in culture and practice to life.

On behalf of Gwich’in Nation, Mahsi Choo for your hard work and commitment.

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