The Gwich’in Steering Committee is Implementing a Youth Board

April 10, 2019

The input from our youth is vital to their future, and to the way we approach this fight to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The youth board will consist of four youth. We are hoping for two youth for the U.S. side, and two youth from the Canadian side. So that our youth board will represent a unified voice from both sides of the border in defense of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Porcupine Caribou Herd.

The roles and responsibilities for the youth board will consist of:

● Travel with GSC
● Being able to speak publicly
● Take the Media training GSC provides
● Advocate to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
● Be professional

Please encourage the youth from your community ages 15-17. They will have the opportunity to be advocates for the Gwich’in Nation, and for your communities. The applicants will need to submit a letter of intent and one recommendation letter from their Tribe. The first event we want them to attend is the Arctic Indigenous Climate Summit in Fort Yukon, Alaska from June 10-14th, 2019. Please apply keeping these dates in mind.

If you have interested applicants please contact: Julia Fisher-Salmon, GSC Executive Assistant. (907)458-8264 or ​

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