Walter and Arlene Peter nominated for the Honorary Gwich’in Award

January 29, 2018

The Gwich’in Steering Committee is happy to announce that Walter and Arlene Peter, of Fort Yukon were nominated for the Honorary Gwich’in Award. They have been together for 25 years and married for 5. The Peters have eight children; five daughters and three sons; they have five grandchildren and one due this April. Thanks to the good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they both have lived with sobriety; Walter for sixteen years and Arlene eighteen years.

For many years, they have lived off the land and do everything as a family. During spring, Walter and his son Walter lll, go geese hunting; while Arlene and their daughters clean and put the geese away.

In July when King Salmon hit the Yukon River the family spends many hours cutting, hanging, drying and taking care of the fish. Arlene and their daughters would jarr and kipper fish. Arlene’s mother in law, Virginia, will grill fish heads, make campfire tea and grease bread, they always enjoy having family over.

In the fall during moose season, the family is part of the moose hunt. All enjoying the family outing before winter sets in. The whole family works on the meat; smoking, grinding, cutting, sawing, jarring and drying.

Walter and Arlene share food with neighbors, elders, family, and friends in the surrounding villages. Walter traps and hauls wood in the winter months. Arlene uses the fur to make ruffs for family. Arlene is known for her beautiful Athabascan beadwork.

We are honored to recognize Walter and Arlene Peter who live our traditional lifestyle. Who humbly passes on the knowledge and way of life to their children

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