Geraldine Blake

Geraldine Blake was raised and currently resides in Tsiigehtchic, NT. Her grandparents are Frederick & Grace Blake her my Father’s side, Abraham & Rosemary Koe on my Mother’s side. Geraldine is the daughter of the late Dale Blake & Renie Koe.

She is working as an environmental/wildlife monitor. This year she is a Research Assistant with Wilfrid Laurier University. She enjoys traveling, being out on the land whether it’s canoeing, hiking, camping or doing traditional activities. Geraldine’s goal is to pursue an education in Environmental & Natural Resource Management.

“I want to see the day where those who depend on the extraction of resources from Mother Nature runs out and they come running to the Gwich’in Nation for traditional & cultural knowledge & survival skills.”

Current Work

  • Attended the 6th Arctic Leaders’ Summit & the Saami Council in Finland.
  • Visit Canadian banks and Financial institutes to tell them not fund any activity in the Arctic.
  • Camped throughout the summer and connected with elders and youth.
  • Visual/ Graphic recording workshop.
  • Learning about Gwich’in legends and sharing stories with people I visit with including elders.


Geraldine’s goal as a Gwich’in Youth Council Member is to learn Gwich’in history and educate her community. She plans to research in her local archive about Gwich’in History and to speak with elders in her community. When she gains sufficient knowledge she plans to do radio interviews about what she learned. She also plans to hold a community event hosted with local elders and leaders to educate the community on Gwich’in History and traditional knowledge. 

Geraldines next goal is to apply for a grant to do an art mural about what the Arctic Refuge means to her community. She hopes to have community help with the mural.