Isaiah Horace

Isaiah Horace is the son of  Danielle (Vanessa) Horace and Robert Stevens. He is the grandson of Donna Horace and great grandson of Daniel Horace.

Isaiah is also known as “Chizh’in tsall” which is ”little golden eagle” in Gwich’in, He is 19 years old and a Gwich’in Athabaskan from Fort Yukon and Old Crow Canada. He graduated from Lathrop High school in Fairbanks Alaska.

He loves to sing, dance and drum. His hobbies include playing basketball, NYO and snow machining.

“Our ancestors lived and depended on the porcupine caribou herd. we will continue to stand against any destruction to the calving grounds”

Recent Work

  • Volunteering time to traditional dance and drum at events throughout the year.
  • Did a fundraiser and raised money for a moose skin vest.
  • Interviews with reporters.
  • Working with elder Dixie Alexander listening to stories.
  • Beading my own traditional slippers.


Isaiah’s goal as a Gwich’in Youth Council Member is to learn Gwich’in language and engage Indigenous youth. 

Isaiah will begin taking language classes at UAF in spring 2020 to help him be closer to his culture. 

He hopes to help fight indigenous substance abuse issues, mental health issues and suicide by helping youth reconnect to their roots and give them healthy coping skills to fight intergenerational trauma. He hopes to bring traditional drumming, dancing and stories to indigenous youth by creating a healing circle where youth from all tribes are welcome.