Quannah Chasing Horse Potts

Quannah Chasing Horse Potts, Han Gwich’in and Oglala Lakota. Quannah was born on the Navajo Nation but a tribal member of the Han Gwich’in of Eagle, Alaska.

She is 17 and a Junior at Effie Kokrine Charter School. Quannah is the daughter of Jody Potts. She is an advocate to obtain wilderness designation (permanent protection) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil development. Every year Quannah hunts caribou with her family and fishes for salmon in the summer, which has given her a strong connection to her people’s indigenous lands and way of life.  Quannah is passionate about climate change and environmental justice.

She plays basketball, is a musician, snowboarder, and is apprenticing as a traditional tattoo artist

“This year I was blessed with shooting my first caribou and our future generations should have the same privilege of being able to hunt and live their ways of life”

Quannah’s Goals

  • Uplift indigenous women to use their voice and to not back down when they have been victimized.
  • Uplift youth and create a workshop for youth that are struggling.
  • Put together an event with the Gwich’in Youth Council focused on Climate Change and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.
  • To learn and encourage my generation. It’s our time and no one seems to listen unless the young are angry.
  • Along with her fellow Gwich’in Youth Council members, to reverse the law that opened our sacred lands to oil and gas development. 

Recent Work

Quannah’s work has been featured in recent articles including: